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Turkey’s most preferred
Bank Account Aggrigator

All Banks Account transactions in one screenAll transaction instantly displayedCollections and payments are processed automaticallyFully integrated with all ERPs

Join more than our 10,000 successful corporate customers.

Future Financial Technology

New technologies that businesses need are here.

It is integrated with all banks, allows you to manage your account transactions from a single screen, transfers funds to many concubines online at the same time from your account in more than one bank, reports all your POS transactions, makes virtual POS collections, tracks and reminds your receivables, sends automatic mails, has seamless ERP integration.

Number of Satisfied Customers
Number of Integrated Banks
Daily Processed Account Transactions
Online Bankalarım

All banks are integrated online effortlessly in one application.

It monitors the transactions of all accounts on one screen.

It instantly brings the amounts and balances in all currencies, gold, silver and all other units.

It is fully and seamlessly integrated with Logo, SAP, Netsis, Mikro, GMS.Net, Dia, Minerva.

It books all collections and payments completely and automatically.

It easily provides all the financial reporting your business needs.

Automatic journal and current posting
% 99.9

Productivity Increase

FinMaks Bankalarım
Our Goals

End-to-End All Financial Technologies in One App

We aimed to present tomorrow’s technology for businesses at the highest quality with flawless customer support.

Perfect Customer Satisfaction

Eğitimli destek ekibimiz ile her an Getir in taleplerine cevap veriyoruz.

Online ERP Integration

Esas Holding in tüm bankalardaki hareketlerini anında muhasebeleştiriyoruz.

Detailed POS Analysis

İyzico’nun tüm POS tahsilatlarını raporluyor, eksiksiz entegre ediyoruz.

Full Dealer Collection

Pepsi nin bayi tahsilatlarını anında ekranlarına getiriyoruz.

Online Multiple Fund Transfer

Fast and online fund tranfer

Transfer money from multiple bank accounts to multiple accounts on the same screen

Create money transfer from invoice

Easy collection from customers through fund transfer

Online account booking and journal

Multiple approval mechanism with configurative features

POS Operasyonlarında Verimlilik

Online POS Analiz

Automatically integrated with your physical and virtual POS in all banks.

Effortlessly gathers your POS transactions at the end of the day.

Separates the expense, commission and net transaction amounts of your pos collections.

Complete and automatic accounting, matching with order numbers.

Recognize bank and other bank cards, detects faulty card and POS pairings.

Creates a cash flow report according to the due dates of the transactions.

Online DBS

Monitor your DDS Customers online limits.

Transfers your invoices to the online Bank Direct Debit System.

It automatically and effortlessly draws your invoices from ERP.

Chase total limit, risk and available limits of dealers in banks.

Reports pending and collected DDS invoices.